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PLC Diagnosis

PLC Diagnosis

S7 Graph integration in zenon

The current market situation and increasing complexity of process demands is requiring more and more flexibility from automobile manufacturers. As a result there is a great deal of pressure on both the production plants and the employees. Today, for example, machine operators often have to control and monitor various stations simultaneously. In turn, control programs are having to become increasingly complex.

S7 Graph Integration

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S7 Graph Integration

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Production processes in assembly line production are often performed with the "S7 Graph" programming system. This programming language is often used for typical process chains in assembly line production. The S7 Graph makes it possible to display and correspondingly run such processes graphically in the PLC. The zenon "PLC Diagnosis" module clearly displays the sequences and supports if error analyses are needed.

Simple integration into zenon

Engineering in the zenon screens to display the sequences is as simple as with all zenon functionalities. Corresponding templates and screen elements enable user-friendly processes. With the zenon PLC diagnosis module you can keep an overview of sequences and error analyses are made simpler. Production interruptions during error analyses are reduced and efficient control of the S7 Graph driven processes are made possible.

Features of PLC diagnosis:

  • Automatic import of sequence data from the PLC program
  • Display of the entire sequence as well as individual steps
  • Display of operand information
  • Automatic distribution of current sequences through the reload function
  • Online language switching in any desired language
  • Automatically generated display of error cause in plain text through a code analysis
  • Creation of snapshots for an offline code analysis