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zenon Batch Control Online Training (English) zenon Batch Control Online Training (English) - (TR-ON-BATCH)

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Online Training


The zenon Batch Control Online Training course will provide you with an overview of the basic operations in the zenon Batch Control module. In the online self-study tutorial, you will learn how to configure and use the module.



  • zenon Batch Control:  No prior knowledge required
  • zenon Editor and Runtime: basic knowledge is required
  • Windows: basic knowledge is mandatory
  • Automation: basic knowledge is beneficial



In the zenon Batch Control Online Training course, you will follow a step by step process to learn more about the zenon Batch Control module: from configuring units to handling communication errors; from creating simple recipes to applying partial recipes and operating characteristics. We will use practical examples to teach you more about this complex module.



  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: First steps
  • Chapter 2: Execution and management of recipes
  • Chapter 3: Recipe types
  • Chapter 4: Further options
  • Chapter 5: Interaction
  • zenon Certification Test