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ISO 50001 and zenon:

ISO 50001 and zenon:

Implement an Energy Data Management System with zenon

Energy Data Management for ISO 50001 Certification

More and more companies are questioning how they can undertake their ISO 50001 certification with reasonable efforts. As COPA-DATA is a partner of demanding companies from the F&B, Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries, standards are obviously at the core of automation. The zenon Software Platform has also proven itself with the ISO 50001 at the centerpiece of an energy data management system (EDMS).

Commitment for Energy and Material...

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Commitment for Energy and Material Efficiency

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Some answers to why the zenon is perfectly suited for collecting and processing energy data:

  • Data from the entire equipment infrastructure is collected and processed in a simple and automated way.
    The zenon Software Platform has more than 300 communication protocols – covering all of the important standards right up to individual drivers. You can therefore request targeted queries from all sensors, measuring devices and machinery, link all automated components and integrate yourself into every infrastructure.  Thanks to robust communication and polished diagnostic mechanisms you will always receive the correct data and therefore the basis for an accurate analysis.
  • You can also archive and process data for the ISO 50001 certification.
    You can process all data which zenon can access with the integrated PLC system in Realtime. And you can store data from various sources in differing formats with the zenon Historian – including relational databases (SQL).
  • Information is displayed in a clear way.
    The SCADA solution and the zenon Analyzer can perfectly support you when displaying different types of data – from key performance indicators, energy analyses, trend curves, alarm message lists and events, right up to complex graphical reports.
  • As many employees as required can be involved in the certification according to the ISO 50001 standard.
    zenon`s network technology is ideally suited for integration to many sources and employees, also via the web. For automation infrastructures as well as for IT.
  • Implementation of an EDMS is simple.
    zenon can be easily integrated into existing systems. New equipment validation is not necessary. As zenon is so simply parameterized, training and maintenance efforts are made manageable as well. Out-of-the-box modules and a high level of user-friendliness enable further devices, machinery, calculations or users to be added without a huge effect on the overall investment.

We`d like to show you how easily you can implement your EDMS with zenon. We look forward to hearing from you.