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COPA-DATA CEE/ME: Ten years of full customer orientation

32 years ago, COPA-DATA started developing software for industrial automation and energy management and has become a successful global player on this field. Significant contributions to this success come from subsidiary COPA-DATA GmbH. Taking care of sales and customer support in Central and Eastern Europe and the Arabic region, it was founded ten years ago.


COPA-DATA was established in Salzburg, Austria, in 1987. Today, it is the world’s biggest independent manufacturer of software for the digitalization and automation of machinery and plant. The company’s zenon software platform provides operators with an integrated environment for all tasks. A significant contribution to the sustained success and growth comes from eleven subsidiaries in strategically important markets. In a joint effort with 18 distributors, they take care of sales and support, allowing the parent company COPA-DATA GmbH to fully focus on securing the technological edge of the software platform.



Ten years market focus on Central Eastern Europe and Middle East


COPA-DATA GmbH was founded in 2009 to take care of sales and customer support in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. During these first ten years, quite a number of the most important companies in the region became customers. COPA-DATA GmbH’s distinct customer orientation was a main contributor to the positive development. Says Alexander Punzenberger, Managing Director of COPA-DATA GmbH: “Not least our intense pursuit of a deeper understanding of our customers’ cultures has won us an image as the zenon competence center for Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.”



The direct sales and support area covered by COPA-DATA GmbH includes 22 European and ten Arabic countries, in some of which the company does business through subsidiaries or sales partners.


More information on the global COPA-DATA sales network: