Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

COPA-DATA is committed to working together with other leading software and hardware vendors to provide the best customer solutions possible. We have formed strategic partnerships with a number of global industry leaders. These relationships form the basis for improved services and products and give our customers the strongest technological, competitive and strategic advantages.

  • Intel


    COPA-DATA is working closely with Intel on developing powerful Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for seamlessly connected devices, advanced analytics and more business Intelligence.

  • Microsoft


    COPA-DATA has a long-term partnership with Microsoft worldwide, representing the foundation for developing the most competitive and innovative solutions on the market.

Corporate Memberships

COPA-DATA is actively engaged in numerous industry leading networks and associations, shaping the future of manufacturing and the public sector together with other organizations around the world. These corporate memberships significantly contribute to the development of 'best-in-class' solutions for our customers and guarantee a powerful zenon software platform built on state-of-the-art technology.