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zenon Logic Online Training (English) zenon Logic Online Training (English) - (TR-ON-LOGIC)

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Online Training


The zenon Logic Online Training course will provide you with an overview of the basic operations of zenon Logic, you will get to know the functions and properties in zenon Logic and find out how they work with the zenon Supervisor.



  • zenon Logic: no prior knowledge required
  • zenon Basic, Operator or Supervisor training is required
  • Windows: basic knowledge is mandatory
  • Automation: basic knowledge is beneficial



The zenon Logic Standard Online Training course provides you with basic knowledge of zenon Logic. Following a step by step process, you will learn how to use the zenon Logic workbench – that’s zenon Logic's development environment – and find out how it communicates with a PLC or the zenon Runtime. After a short amount of time, you will be able to build your own zenon Logic project and test it in the zenon Logic Runtime. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of zenon Logic, its possible applications, and the foundations of programming languages according to IEC 61131-3.



  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Chapter 2: Compiler, connectivity and communication
  • Chapter 3: zenon Logic Runtime
  • Chapter 4: zenon Logic project
  • zenon Certification Test