zenon Compass

zenon Compass

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  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Visualization/Control
  • Data Management
  • Data Acquisition
  • Engineering
  • HTML5 technology

    With the HTML5 technology in zenon, you enhance the possibilities for mobile access to important process data and information.

  • zenon Process Recorder

    If existing trends or lists are no longer helpful for the analysis of errors, the zenon Process Recorder can help and offers an even more precise analysis.

  • Smart Checklist

    The Smart Checklist replaces paper lists in production and simplifies and optimizes testing processes.

  • Efficient engineering with the zenon Product...

    Ergonomics in engineering [1/5] - Ergonomics in zenon starts with the continuous development environment of the zenon Product Family.

  • Project creation - quickly, intuitively and...

    Ergonomics in engineering [2/5] - Ergonomics in zenon also means that complex functionalities are available "out of the box". Without programming.

  • Integration in existing systems

    Ergonomics in engineering [3/5] - zenon easily integrates into any machine - irrespective of how old or from which manufacturer it may come.

  • Object orientation in zenon

    Ergonomics in engineering [4/5] - Work efficiently and safely. The ergonomic solution is: Object orientation in zenon.

  • Diagnosis / Start-up / Project maintenance

    Ergonomics in engineering [5/5] - Are you working with methods such as Lean Management, Six Sigma or TPM? zenon optimally supports you.

  • International and ergonomic

    Ergonomics for the user [1/4] - Operators of machines and equipment benefit from individually adaptable, ergonomic applications.

  • Usability through graphics possibilities

    Ergonomics for the user [2/4] - Short training times thanks to intuitive operation, optimum reaction times and the highest possible level of security.

  • Ergonomics from individual adaptation

    Ergonomics for the user [3/4] - Ergonomic operation of machines and equipment adapts flexibly to the requirements of the respective user.

  • Full information for the user

    Ergonomics for the user [4/4] - Ergonomic operation also means being able to react quickly and correctly. Being optimally informed is the basis.

  • zenon security

    zenon provides comprehensive protection from unwanted data loss and from unauthorized access.

  • zenon Logic

    The powerful and flexible IEC 61131-3 programming system makes the configuration of projects quicker, more reliable, better and more efficient.

  • Multi-Touch Gestures with zenon

    Reach new level in usability and security of machine and plant control with Multi-Touch in HMI/SCADA.

  • Ergonomics in the zenon network

    Ergonomics in the zenon network [1/4] - Optimal networking provides a clear overview, efficiency and speed.

  • Multiple project administration and transparency

    Ergonomics in the zenon network [2/4] - Bring information from distributed facilities to a central control room.

  • Seamless redundancy and circular redundancy©

    Ergonomics in the zenon network [3/4] - Full data security, maximum availability without downtimes and no loss of data is guaranteed.

  • zenon Webserver and Terminal Server

    Ergonomics in the zenon network [4/4] - zenon Webserver brings projects to the internet and intranets in their exact form.

  • Alarms and Chronological Event List

    Ensuring high productivity and saving resources also requires errors and problems to be identified quickly and consistently.

  • Data recording

    You always have an accurately archived and prepared data collection process and therefore a solid basis for competent and quick decisions.

  • Industrial Performance Analyzer

    React quickly and appropriately thanks to the Industrial Performance Analyzer which creates a quick overview of your alarm messages.

  • Plant Data Collection

    Accurate plant data collection is the basis for a successful operation management. Only this way, corporate strategies can succeed.

  • PDC and Production Optimization

    Plant data collection: Valid, consistent and complete data for successful optimization of production.

  • Comprehensive PDC with HMI/SCADA system

    From HMI to SCADA and reporting: The importance of a comprehensive plant data collection.

  • Production & Facility Scheduler (PFS)

    The PFS controls equipment and production processes precisely. For equipment with heavy consumption, considerable savings can be achieved.

  • Recipe Administration

    For the control of complex facilities or production processes - for this zenon offers the capability to manage recipes.

  • Message Control

    By reacting to messages and alarms quickly you can avoid expensive downtime and ensure that the effectiveness of equipment remains high.

  • zenon Load Management

    The zenon Load Management uses sophisticated energy trend calculations to optimize energy consumption. You can avoid load peaks effectively and reduce costs this way.

  • SAP Interface

    The SAP-certified zenon interface makes simple, secure and rapid connection to your process level possible with the ERP system SAP ERP.

  • FDA 21 CFR PART 11

    zenon consistently meets the criteria of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 throughout all its modules. You can save up to 90% in validation costs for new projects.

  • WinCC-to-zenon Converter

    If you have worked with WinCC up until now, you will be thrilled by this converter. Easily convert your existing WinCC projects to zenon projects.

  • Optimize production

    Use clever reports, identify hidden potential and advance your production.

  • Reports - from alarm statistics up to OEE

    Get correct and concise reports you can rely on with zenon Analyzer, the Dynamic Production Reporting tool.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Get the complete overview without delay. Combine real time data and historical data in your reports.

  • Increase profitability

    With zenon Analyzer you can elevate profitability and realize optimum Return on Investment and low Total Cost of Ownership.