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BACnet Certificate for zenon

The BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) have confirmed that our zenon software complies with the criteria of the BACnet standard. The conformance certificate reinforces the reliable communication between zenon and other systems and devices in building automation.

You find technology in every building, having different characteristics and a variety of tasks. In addition to heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary systems, other typical applications include lighting control, lift monitoring, energy management or access control. To make sure that the different technologies can exchange data with each other, they need to speak the same language. BACnet, the international communications protocol, is primarily used for networks in building automation.


To guarantee reliable and flexible communication in zenon projects in the area of building automation, we developed our native BACnetNG driver about ten years ago. Markus Wintersteller, Technical Product Manager at COPA-DATA, explains: “Our zenon BACnet driver had been communicating flawlessly, yet it did not comply with any profile description in terms of the BACnet standard. Along with increasing expectations from modern buildings and the growing trend in smart buildings, the BACnet protocol has become more and more important. The certification of zenon BACnet connectivity is a fundamental factor for us to be independent in this area as well.”



Mastering the language of the smart building

The international BTL Listing attests that zenon 8.00 complies with the BACnet Operator Workstation Profile, or B-OWS Profile for short, of the ANSI (American National Standards Institute)/ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standard 135-2012. To comply with one of the three profiles for user interfaces, products must meet certain criteria, such as setting values. On the basis of a profile, handlers can better classify the capabilities of a system or device in the BACnet environment.


Lewis Williams, Technical Consultant at COPA-DATA, adds: “zenon was carefully examined on the basis of the BACnet test framework outlined by the independent inspection body MBS GmbH from Germany. In the process, zenon standard functionality such as the equipment model has been of great benefit; it brought advantages to the tests and accelerated them. We want to provide our customers with top flexibility and reliability in their projects. Therefore, we had already developed our own BACnet stack early on. We are pleased to know that an independent laboratory has rewarded our efforts with a positive test report, achieving a certificate and entry into the BTL Listing.”


You can find the BACnet Conformance Certificate for zenon 8.00 and additional information on the certification at the international BTL Listing.