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Central control systems with zenon

Central control systems with zenon

Consistent information flow
from the PLC right up to the cloud

The tasks of a central control system (CCS) involve accessing production data and clearly displaying it. To fulfill this task, it is essential to receive valid data from your operations and use it for production figures, reports and evaluations.


An ergonomic CCS helps to deliver tailored information to certain people with different requirements, whether it be a machine operator or a manager.

Central control systems with zenon

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Central control systems with zenon

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The benefits from using zenon:

  • It is the basis for productivity and quality
  • It provides transparency for correct decisions
  • The consistent information flow of information is a decisive factor for success
  • Usability and ergonomics reduce life-cycle costs

A central control system with zenon offers:

  • Network topology with seamless redundancy
  • Multi-Project Administration
  • Web monitoring with zenon web server and a connection to mobile devices
  • Cloud integration for evaluations across locations